International Corporate Psychologist

International Corporate Psychologist

International Corporate PsychologistInternational Corporate Psychologist

Trainings and Workshops

Inform / Integrate / Shift

Each Circle Psychology experience is designed to provide relevant information and then  facilitate a process of integrating that new information so that participants have a shift in perspective that leads to increased skills. These experiences are uniquely  researched and designed specifically for your goals and organizational culture. 

What is resiliency?

Resiliency is described as the ability to bounce, persevere, and move through life’s challenges with relative ease. Resilient people are more likely to remain present and effective while undergoing stress.

Some people seem naturally resilient. We now know that individual and collective resiliency is the product of skills that can be taught. 

Resilient Leadership

90-Minute Introduction

Designed to introduce staff to the principles of resiliency and teach three tools for enhancing wellbeing and performance over time. $1500 

3.5-Hour Training

Experiential introduction to personal resiliency and the leadership skills necessary to move with confidence in a complex world.  $3500

7.5-Hour Workshop

Deep dive into personal resiliency with an additional focus on team resiliency and cohesion at a global pace. $7500

global psychology themes

Resiliency & Grit

This workshop teaches the skills needed for individuals to thrive over time at a global pace. Includes strategies for developing resilient teams and organizations.

Global Leadership Skills

Experiential workshop designed to develop skills and abilities. 

Global Leadership Skills:

- ambiguity tolerance

- inclusive team building, negotiating power and benefitting from diversity

-  curiosity for mystery

- self-awareness (ability to manage triggers and notice limitations)

- global perspective and pace tolerance

- humility

International Team Building

Inclusivity, negotiating power, cross-cultural communication, navigating conflict, and international ethics. This is a powerful workshop designed to increase skills and develop teams that thrive. 

All workshops are researched and designed to align with your organization’s mission and values. 



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