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International Staff PsychologistInternational Staff Psychologist
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“It is incredibly gratifying to dis-cover the underlying themes of the staff experience as a way of creating a clearing for connection, innovation, and organizational change. ”  -Dr. Cole

Pulse Assessments


Pulse assessments are designed to dis-cover the underlying themes of your staff experience. The assessment happens through individual and team conversations. Each conversation is crafted as an intervention on staff conflict and malaise. Pulse assessments are particicularly sophisticated because they are a weaving of the art and the science of psychology. 


The intention of taking the pulse of your staff experience is to:

- identify hidden themes,

- clarify that which is preventing organizational change and cohesiveness,

- respectfully align with staff in their experience;

- offer supportive coaching on how best to realign with their team, leaders, and the organization with authenticity and power.


The assessment is a staff intervention that results in:

- a written report of staff themes and a session with organizational leaders to debrief the results;

- a clearing with staff in which leaders can engage and rebuild relationships productively for the good of the whole. 

The Components of a Pulse Assessment


Clearing Conversations

Clearing Conversations

Clearing Conversations

Dr. Cole meets with individuals and teams for neutral and confidential conversations. Each conversation is designed to respectfully align with staff in their experiences. The art of neutral alignment offers an opportunity for staff to receive coaching on productively and meaningfully taking action on their commitments. 


Written Report

Clearing Conversations

Clearing Conversations

Staff themes are anonymously  and neutrally documented in a report with suggestions on how to use the data.


Strategy Session

Clearing Conversations

Strategy Session

A meeting is held with key stakeholders to discuss the assessment results, consider the results from the context of organizational goals, and then strategize how best to move forward. Dr. Cole will provide staff psychology coaching and education during this time. 

Show that you value your employees!

“I hope you have been hearing lots of positive feedback about Cole Struhar. I just wanted to add my thoughts, and say thank you. I think it shows how much the employees are valued by having this type of service.“  - Direct Service Staff

What kind of results can we expect when working with you?

Some actual results include:

- Staff who recommitted to their work with clarity and strength. 

- Resolved conflict between clinical groups.

- Managers increased their skills and commitments in one-on-one coaching sessions.

- Executives tapped in to their innate wisdom and developed inspired solutions to complex, multi-tiered issues.

- Team members transitioned from bitter and shutdown to empowered connectors who manage-up their leaders for the greater good.

- Staff members found help for addictions, anger management, compassion fatigue, and couples counseling to address underlying issues that effect their work. 

- Teams that were in complete break-down, now enjoy learning ever-deepening communication skills that make the most of healthy conflict, staff diversity, and inspired collaboration. 

- Organizational leaders implimented effective staff development initiatives because they had intimate information about organization culture and staff wellness. 

- Staff members from all tiers of multiple organizations reported to their leaders that they feel appreciated and respected because Dr. Cole’s individualized and integrative services were made available to them.