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The human condition does not change, but how we work with it can. Contact me to discuss new possibilities for your staff, teams, departments, and organization as a whole. 503.927.2773

Forbes reported in April that depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. Mental health and substance abuse cost US businesses $90 billion annually. Depression alone can count for up to 400 million lost work days annually. Poor performance costs money, time, turnover, morale and energy. CPP Global reported in 2018 that US workers spend more than 2.5 hours per week on conflicts, costing businesses an estimated $359 billion annually based on an average wage of $17.95 per hour. 

 Where do your staff go when they need support? We live at work. Most of us spend more time with our coworkers than our families. We play out the same family dynamics at work as we do at home. Realistically, do your staff have time to locate and participate in the support they need to address their personality, relational, and performance issues? 

A corporate psychologist works with staff to build grit, resiliency, and access potential, and then continues to be available to remind people about who they are at their best when they forget. 

As a corporate psychologist, Dr. Cole Struhar is available to offer the in-the-moment support and coaching that your staff need to be their healthiest and, therefore, most effective selves. Having a counselor and international psychologist in-house means that your staff have access to the immediate interventions they need to stay connected and focused. In-house support is provided from the context of your corporation’s values, mission, and culture. 

Services include:

- Conflict Management  /  Mediation

- Staff Resiliency

- Performance Coaching

- International Psychology Consulting

- Global Leadership Coaching

- Inclusive Team Building

- Cross-Cultural Facilitation

- Executive Coaching

- Private Counseling, including:

     - addiction treatment assistance,

     - emotional support,

     - racial identity support,

     - relationship counseling,

     - grief support,

     - performance coaching

Does your team need help?

Download these documents to share with your manager. The first is an introduction to the need, services, and benefits of working with a staff psychologist. The second is a printable introduction to Dr. Cole Struhar’s experience and offerings.

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