International Corporate Psychologist

Executive Coaching for Global Leaders


You are...


experiencing a leadership plateau;  

in need of a safe, confidential, neutral confidant to act as a sounding board for complex leadership issues;

ready to make a commitment to a 360 coach in order to fully integrate your skills, desires, and potential.

Global coaching focuses on...


developing a strong internal home;

global leadership skills;

building and keeping trust;

learning to move at a global pace;

developing curiosity for diversity, mystery, and your own abilities. 

We will strengthen your ability to...

deal with ambiguity, uncertainty, and change;

create a clear vision;

navigate your triggers;

encourage collaboration cross-culturally;

build and keep trust;

cope with extreme travel, responsibility, and vision;

and, develop a leadership style that is in support of systemic healing.

We will identify and develop your unique leadership style that is informed by your most personal values and beliefs.

Working with Dr. Cole is unique because...

we will identify and strengthen your innate and learned abilities;

we will explore how executive leadership is a radical act for global resiliency;

I know that all of your shadows, weaknesses and hurts are the key to your wholeness and unique abilities;

I will always respond to you as the powerful visionary and capable leader that you are- even when you act against your values or get lost in the process;

I am particularly confidential and dedicated to the people I choose to work alongside.

Global Coaching


Strategies for managing:

- systemic healing;

- multidimensional, globally-relevant situations;

- cross-cultural communication;

- conflict management;

- inclusive team-building;

-  your unique skills and abilities.


The development of Global Leadership Skills, including:

- ambiguity tolerance,

- self awareness,

- purposeful use of language as creation,

- inclusive team-building,

- negotiating power purposefully,

- mystery curiosity,

- macro-level perspective,

- flexible problem-solving,

- ease in change,

- the ability to lead inspired harmony for the greater good.

Personal Development

Global Coaching a multidisciplinary, integrative process of identifying your sacred home and your unique capacity for systemic healing by:

- healing issues related to esteem, communication, and relationships;

- racial identity integration;

- identify and moving through triggers;

- values work, including spiritual/religious integration as is applicable;

- identifying and addressing underlying issues (alcoholism, family stress, childhood trauma);

- identification and nourishment of innate and developed skills.



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