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International Staff PsychologistInternational Staff Psychologist

In Service Of Humanity: remaining whole in complexity



Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. -Arundhati Roy

It’s complicated.

People who experience true poverty do not romanticize it. And, aid workers move to the poorest regions of the world to help and instead are gifted community and a sense of belonging/purpose for the very first time. 

Maybe you have experienced that terrible moment when the reality of indigenous cultural irrosion due to international development becomes undeniable and unstoppable. 

The painful awakening to the systemic complexity of humanitarian efforts in the face of a new volunteer. 

Being scolded by a tribal elder for hubris. 

The comfort of feeling at home anywhere, and the consequence of feeling less at home everywhere. 

The celebrations of hope that spontaneously erupt when programs meet their goals. 

The haunted stares of aid workers who cannot unsee the ragged truth of human suffering. 

The loneliness of being surrounded by family but still feeling like an outsider.

The exhaustion of working unimaginable hours because someone has to do something... how can I stop when I have so much privilege? 

The terror of a quiet moment when the stuffed grief and vicarious trauma begins to rise to the surface. 

The fear that if I stop the work I will never return, and then how will I live with myself? 

Feeling homesick for a place that you can’t remember. 

The willingness to have faith, again, today.

In service of you. ONLINE SUPPORT

I offer expert online support at reduced rates for humanitarians. I am currently accepting new clients. I offer support that takes into consideration that you are culture-spanning and integrating a global identity, while working for the greater good and working near great suffering. Together, we can bring harmony back to your perfect circle world. Schedule a complimentary consultation from the client portal

Trainings and Workshops for humanitarian orgs

Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency

Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency

Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency

Designed specifically for international humanitarians to address compassion fatigue, self-care, and build resiliency. This workshop includes strategies for developing resilient teams and organizationsIn the field and in the home office.

Global Leadership Skills

Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency

Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency

Experiential workshop designed to develop skills and abilities. 

Global Leadership Skills:

- ambiguity tolerance

- inclusive team building, negotiating power and benefitting from diversity

-  curiosity for mystery

- self-awareness (ability to manage triggers and notice limitations)

- global perspective and pace tolerance

- humility

International Team Building

Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency

International Team Building

Inclusivity, negotiating power, cross-cultural communication, navigating conflict, and international ethics. This is a powerful workshop designed to increase skills and develop teams that thrive. 

All workshops are researched and designed to align with your organization’s mission and values. 





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