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Despair Telehealth Counseling for Colorado Residents

Human life begins on the far side of despair. -Sartre

Despair is different than depression- something that you intuitively know. Depression is a clinical diagnosis often associated with a chemical imbalance. Despair is a psycho-spiritual imbalance. It is the language of oppression. We feel despair when we lose access to the essence of what it means to be human. Despair is hopelessness and a loss of meaning. Feeling despair is not the sharp pang of being suicidal. It is the pervasive longing to disappear... fade away. It is the pain of days that just keep coming. It is, essentially, the anxiety that comes from an inability to be oneself in a strange (and beautiful) world. 

Despair is not treatable by medication, but it is treatable. Your are not alone. I have committed my private practice to supporting people like you in finding your way out of despair. I use techniques proven to help people navigate the pain of despair while accessing their true Selves and redesigning their lives. This is sophisticated work and it is the most natural thing. We, as a species, are designed to make beauty out of suffering. It is our particularly human ability. 

I understand if you cannot feel the truth of this from where you are right now, but despair is the primal call to heal. It is the soul’s demand to be heard. It is a dark, moonlit path back to your true self. It is Transpersonal healing through Liberation Psychology. You do not have to walk this path alone. I invite you to schedule a consultation.  

Fees: $135 per 50-minute session. No sliding scale. 

Location: Online/Telehealth. I provide HIPPA compliant online counseling from my office using SimplePractice Telehealth software. I favor the intimacy, accessibility, and flexibility of online counseling.

Coaching or Counseling?

As an International Psychologist I provide leadership coaching to people around the world. I only offer despair counseling to folk in Colorado.

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