International Corporate Psychologist

Cole Struhar, PhD, International Psychologist



I offer sophisticated support for international organizations and the people who lead them.

In this online world of self-proclaimed experts, it can be difficult to discern actual expertise. I spent twenty-years developing myself to be exceptional at facilitating personal integration and connection across differences. This is not internet illusion. I have experience with international training institutes, international service and healthcare organizations, international consulting and research, and private coaching and counseling.

Teams do better when I am around.

Below you will find a lot of information about my personal and professional experiences. That is important, but the best way for us to know if we should work together is to meet. I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. If I am not the best fit for you, then I will assist you in identifying your options. 


Credentials and Such

PhD International Psychology

MA Counseling Psychology

BA International Relations

Ombudsman Certification

4 Units of InterFaith Clinical Pastoral Education

Specialty training in international organizations and systems, cross-cultural collaboration, inclusive team-building, stages of change, international psychology, resiliency, conflict mediation, addiction treatment, and leadership coaching. 

I am an unusually gifted speaker and trainer for organizations experiencing unusual amounts of change. I bring harmony, wisdom, and a path to connection.

Additional Information

Real-Life Experience

I trained with many leaders in the fields of inclusivity, organizational development, and organizational culture. My training includes:

- Six-Month Inclusivity Workshop Design and Facilitation Training with Kathy Obear

- Clear Leadership Training with Gervase Bushe

- Two-years of Landmark Personal Development

- One-year of Mentorship and Professional Training through The International Ombudsman Association

- Ongoing, Brief Trainings on Conflict Facilitation, Human Development and Behavior Change, Effective Communication, Coaching, Integrative Therapies, and Creative Cultures

-  15-Month Hospital Residency in Interfaith Chaplaincy

-  500-Hour certification by Yoga Alliance in traditional Tantric Yoga, Goa India.

- Certification in the traditional Japanese lineage of Jikiden Reiki

- Certification in the Ling Gui lineage of medical qigong

-  15-Month formation as a Daoist Monk in the American DragonGate Lineage

I live and work in many different countries/cultures, travel extensively, study under diverse spiritual/religious leaders, and participate in artist residencies. I am certified in well established lineages to teach yoga, meditation, qigong, and reiki. I moonlight as a hospice chaplain and officiate interreligious memorial services. 




Cole served as my guide. Loving myself required reconciling my issues of self-esteem, self-image, and self-worth. It took time and was often excruciating, but I was able to discover several of my missing pieces and began to put myself back together and build myself up.

Executive Director

I wanted to say THANK YOU! What great, helpful, useful, and practical information. My team was so grateful and very excited to practice this with each other and in their personal lives. 

Clinical Director

Just wanted to reiterate the value of having some sort of presentation involving Cole Struhar. I think she's an invaluable resource in 'healing’ without taking positions, able to be objective & help connect people with their internal resources.

Direct Service Employee

You inspired an honest dialogue that was much needed in this agency… You are so compassionate, genuine, and the message was wisely delivered. I will be coming to you for coaching.

Email sent to CEO

I hope you have been hearing lots of positive feedback about Cole Struhar. I just wanted to add my thoughts, and say thank you. I think it shows how much the employees are valued by having this type of service. She spoke at our staff meeting yesterday, and gave us all such a sense of comfort. We look forward to working with her again. As an individual employee, knowing that I can go to her with any concerns in a confidential and informal way is really great. Thank you for all that you do.


You saw the worst of me, and I have never felt so cared for in my ugliness. ...

I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted Into the program. ... Look at me now!


I don’t take enough time to give you feedback on the fact that at least once a day someone tells me how remarkable you are! You are an amazing addition to our organization. Everyday…from all walks of the organization.


I was swimming in a river heading to an unknown destination, “my future.” Cole was my lifejacket. She kept me afloat through fast water but made sure I learned for myself how to keep my head above water.

Program Manager

They truly enjoyed the teaching and the open discussion- incredible resources. They would be thrilled to have you back for more. I personally would love to have one-on-one coaching on having challenging conversations/boundaries from a manager perspective.


My depression owned me. I learned that I am resilient. A survivor of an old battle. ...we are really lucky to have you on our side / in our corner. 

Executive Director

Thanks for a fantastic session with our staff yesterday afternoon. My head was so full of thoughts about these great ideas, it was very interesting. I’d love to talk with you further to see if I can get ideas about how to cope better with a very challenging relationship.


I met with Cole Struhar Saturday to discuss how she can best support the team members through their final days. I sure hope that we can keep Cole’s contract through this difficult time. She is one humanizing element for the employees that are facing devastating loss.



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