International Corporate Psychologist


Global / Confidential / Trustworthy / Effective

sophisticated support for international staff and corporate leaders


“They truly enjoyed the teaching and the open discussion- incredible resources. They would be thrilled to have you back for more. I personally would love to have one-on-one coaching on having challenging conversations/boundaries from a manager perspective.” 

- Program Manager of a Interdisciplinary Service Team

“Just wanted to reiterate the value of having some sort of presentation involving Cole Struhar. I think she's an invaluable resource in 'healing’ without taking positions, able to be objective & help connect people with their internal resources.” 

- Director of a department following unsatisfactory performance reviews 

”I hope you have been hearing lots of positive feedback about Cole Struhar. I just wanted to add my thoughts, and say thank you. I think it shows how much the employees are valued by having this type of service. “ 

- Email  sent  to  CEO



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